In the beginning of every year there are a number of people who make promises to themselves. It’s usually a promise to change their diet and lose weight or to work harder at their physical image. I’m sure there are those who promise to pray more or write more or take more time to themselves. There are so many who start out the year in this way only to disappoint themselves in about a weeks time.

It feels like a year of change to me. So I propose not make promises I can’t keep but to take things moment by moment. In this moment I wont cuss, that doesn’t mean I will make it through the day without cussing. I personally don’t mind my potty mouth so I’m just using this as an example.

I say that maybe if I break down my goals into smaller steps I will still get there, only it will be without bashing myself for not making the way I “should” have made it. I am going to take the word “should” out of my vocabulary. There is no should. The electrician should have gotten it right the first time…no, he did what he knew at that moment. Was it right or wrong I don’t know because I don’t have all of the answers.

I should have sold my house already…well it might have been nice but then I would not have learned the things that I have about myself in the past year. There are lots of “shoulds”  in my past years vocabulary. Toward the end of the year I learned that if I take out the should life makes more sense. There is no should there is just what is in the moment.

This isn’t going to be an easy task but I will take it moment by moment because that’s the best I can do. I have created a life of challenges from the very beginning. There aren’t  too many people out there who could do what I do or have walked the path that I have walked. There is only one path for each of us and when they cross each other it can be as smooth and magical as we want it, or as rough and tumble as we want it. Its our choice.

To say it’s as it should be…not so much. It is as it is unless we change it. I am removing the word should slowly but honestly. I affirm to myself that I am worthy of more in this life and as I work toward that I am learning to appreciate the way in which I am finding myself.

So to this year of change I salute you. Change for my surroundings. Change for my heart. Change for my values. Change for my self-worth. Change for my creativity and how to embrace it. Change for the love I have for others. Change for learning to receive love and abundance of many shapes and sizes.

There is a very common phrase that’s used these days…”It is what it is”. I say this is true, but I will go one further. It is what it is until you change it.