We are a special generation of women, 40 somethings to 50 somethings, and women like me don’t miss much. We are not in need of popping out babies to show we have value. We are not in need of being married off. To be “given” away from one man to another. You do not own us. We are not slaves or concubines.

We are not in need of a husband or partner (for our rainbow tribe) to validate us. We are just who we are with out the need to be approved by a certain part of society. I see you, public eye, and you better get used to me. I see the new young mothers looking at women like me who have never been married and don’t have children, or family support for that matter.

Most of me is out of shape at the moment, except for my mind. My mind is sharp. I see the shady looking dude across the parking lot watching me get out of my car. I make sure you know, I know you are there and I dare you to make a fucking move. You might be taller and stronger but women like me don’t go down with out a fight.

Women like me don’t miss the subtleties in conversations in social events. There are times that I allow you to make me feel “less than” because I am alone. I’m not alone though, there are plenty of us out there right now, and we are doing great things. Healing people and situations around us, because we can. We are here, letting go of a lifetime of “shoulda been’s” and accepting the strength of who we are. Women like me are hyper aware of things going on around us. We are sensitive to your words before they even escape your lips.

Women like me fight back, with intelligence, experience and sometimes with our machetes when we need too. I sleep with mine next to my bed, for such occasions when someone thinks because I am alone, that I am weak. I assure you I am not. Just a side note if you want to keep your ball sack attached to the rest of your body I suggest you skip my window when thinking of raping someone. Just sayin.You know that place where actors pull from to get themselves to the emotional state of being able to act out  rage or anger so that we can feel it in the audience? Well I have plenty to pull from, so just lurk in another direction. Or better yet, be a real man and don’t lurk at all.

Its women like me that have had it, we have had enough of your judgements. We project enough of that on to ourselves, with out your help. We don’t miss what you say behind our backs because of our shapes or sizes. Is she gay? She must be because she isn’t married. Really? I hear that from the other side of the planet. I’m not gay, but it wouldn’t matter if I was I can see that you still hold judgement in your thoughts.

Women like me are strong and sometimes unruly. We are persistent and powerful. We don’t need to hear you say “well now, she did alright for being a girl”. We do alright just being human. This is an in-between era that we sit in. Not that most of us don’t want someone to be beside us loving and appreciating who we are and what we bring to this world. Just don’t get in the way of us being who we are.

It’s the age group of women who are reminding the rest of the world, it is our choice to just be. Even those women friends of mine that are married and in this age group, they aren’t the domesticated Suzy homemakers of centuries passed. They demand more for themselves and for their futures.

Women like me don’t miss the fact that we are still under paid and put aside when it comes to moving up the corporate ladder. The only thing is now you can’t fuck us and keep us under your thumb. We are stronger. I would rather have a female attorney than a male attorney. A female attorney knows the battle because she has been through it. Not just on the job but at home as well.

Someone once asked me why are you writing a book? Why are you blogging? What makes you any different from anybody else? My answer, as easy as breathing was, because women like me don’t miss much, and you can learn from me. He looked at me stunned and his wife of more than 30 years sitting beside him smiled. She Knew.