I will never for get the morning of September 11th 2001. I was in Camden Maine working on a yacht. We were off loading people that we had on board for a week and I was so happy to see them go. In the galley of the yacht that I was working on that week, was a flat screen TV that the crew would sit around and watch or listen to on their breaks or during dinner. Usually the comedy channel was on but there had been an urgent message to turn on CNN. That’s when we all watched in disbelief  as our lives were being altered that day.

Standing in shock of  what just happened, like everyone else I couldn’t stop watching. Then I remember thinking Ive gotta call mom and just connect and make sure she is OK and let her know that I am OK. As horrific as that event was, I have learned in my spiritual growth to honor and respect those that crossed over that day. I believe we are all here for a predetermined amount of time. I believe that our souls have agreements to be met. All of the people that died that day, had an agreement to be met. A karmic agreement.

I feel for those that remain because that’s where the true pain is felt. For those that remain without an understanding of the greater picture, here is another way to look at it. That event caused the world to come together as a collective and focus a loving energy on those that that survived. It created a wave of energy amongst the world that banded us together as brothers and sisters.

So when this day passes each year I feel honor and respect for those that chose to cross over together in such a major way. Their souls have led us to a higher vibration of love and understanding on this planet.  By keeping their karmic agreement they have shifted our world into a more loving vibration. Helping to create a world of slightly higher awareness. Is there still war and muck and mire…yes, but we know how to rise above it. If we choose.

In the aftermath there was so much pain I could hardly breathe. At the time I had no idea that I was empathic. I was feeling more than most people in the level of pain and fear that initially surrounded everyone. I remember taking moments to watch something light hearted on TV.  Anything to help me feel something other than what was in the present moment. There is only one man who was able to put it into words and that was Alan Jackson. He wrote a song called “Where Were You When the World Stopped Turning”. I thank him for his words and I thank God for bringing us together yet again.