As I slowly crept out of my dream state this morning I gave myself a good laugh. I realized that I dream myself younger than I am. I have to laugh at this because of the creaks and cracks that my body makes as I move it through its daily tasks. I am by no means old at 48, but there are days that I feel like I am 148.

In my dreams I am half my current age and doing things that I do now but with much more ease. I know, I know, age is a frame of mind. Well how about the physical body? Is it a frame of mind too? In my head I am a lean mean fighting machine and can do anything. Trust me, right now I am about to pee myself from laughing. I literally am cracking myself up!

I was dreaming something this morning of no real importance I’m sure, but I remember feeling like whatever it was I was doing in my dream was very physical, and no I wasn’t with a guy. Mind out of gutter please. I felt flexible and light and I was powering through whatever it was I was dreaming about. Then as I woke and was laughing about the whole thought process, I had to think to myself, do I always dream younger? I believe I do.

I wonder what that means? Do we have any dream readers out there who can say I’m not a true Nutter for thinking this up? I  think even in my battle dreams I am the fit 28-year-old that I was when I was working on yachts in the Caribbean. Shit, I just admitted to having battle dreams. I think my femininity just took a hit…ouch.

The reality is my posture from sitting on this bar stool its atrocious. My ass hurts from said bar stool and my neck is somewhat stuck in a not so comfy position. Ok so the extra weight isn’t helping matters as it pulls my body closer to the ground with every step that I take. I know eventually I will shake most of it off, I usually do, but I am sure feeling it today.

I am glad that I dream younger though, it makes my dreams that much more exciting. I’m kind of a short little shit but I wield a very big sword, or machete in current day. I remember in real life jumping from docks to yachts as the yachts were moving away and after my landing looking back and saying…Holy Bat Shit Robin, I made it!

Well it wont be much longer and I will adjust my focus to my physical health and get back on track. For now I will enjoy the younger dream age that I think I am. However I cant leave it at that with out posing the question to you, what age are you in your dreams?