What do you see, when you see me ?

Do you see my height or the lack there of ?

Do you see the scars that have molded me ?

The markings of many battles. Do you feel them ?

Do you see the once sun bleached hair

or the graying mane that surrounds me now ?

Do you feel the determination that moves me forward

or do you see the woman I am, trudging through the muck ?

Don’t worry I’m not stuck

What do you see in me, walking my house in the night with a machete ?

Do you see courage, fear or lunacy?

See me, here at this moment

ready to protect my home, my sacred space

Do you see my light ? Its going strong

I mean to share with you, an ancient bond

Do you see yourself in me ?

Don’t pass me on the street without looking closely

There is so much more than what is showing

No regrets

No looking back

It’s the time to connect and share the knowing.