Lately I’ve had such a pull on my heart. I am having visions of a man that I’m very connected to. I feel him more and more every day. Its like we are getting closer to the point of meeting. When things like this are happening in my life I will usually refer to pulling angel cards or channeling to confirm the visions I have been having. The deck I have been using lately is a Doreen Virtue deck called Ascended Masters,oracle cards. You can find her information at . No, these are not tarot cards. Although I do have a deck of taro cards, I seem to connect better to the angel cards.

I have been pulling the same cards over the past several weeks, Twin Flame, Energy Healing, Flow of Prosperity and Let it Go. I shuffle the deck several times and then cut the deck and spread them out. I continue to pull the same cards. This to me says the answer is in the cards. It feels like my guides saying “Um, excuse me, how many times do you have to be told? You asked, we answered now pay attention and do as you are guided”.

So now when I take the time to send distance Reiki to those in need I have started to include him in my sessions. It feels right and that’s why I’m going with it. Things in this world are changing in such a profound way that it seems necessary to focus on what will elevate our vibration or energy for those of you that need a more acceptable term. So I wrote the following  poem for him and I hope that where ever he is he will feel it and know that I am thinking of him too.


I open my heart to you my love

Following directions from up above

The source that tells me your heart is true

The same source that says to wait for you

So here I wait, I’m doing the best I can

For so long Ive thought of you my man

So strong in mind, body and spirit

I will waste no time to have you in it

Your eyes encompass me in a glance

The fear in me has no chance

You make me feel so right

As you take my hand there will be no fight

Lead the way as we start our journey

Side by side for the rest of eternity