Did you ever meet someone and have that feeling of already knowing them. I was sitting down this morning trying to figure out what to write about. So I put my ear buds in and listened to Karey Lee sing “Fall in You”. There is something in that song or in his voice singing that song that pulls on my heart. It takes me to a moment where I met a man who I knew from many life times ago. This time his name was Chuck, but that didn’t match his soul, who he really is. We had a moment that pulled me into another dimension by just the look in his eyes. Let me tell you how it started.

I had just started sailing in the early 90s and to gain experience I would go to the Wednesday night beer can races at the Tampa Bay Yacht Club. How it worked was, you go into the bar and say to the bartender “crew is looking for a boat”. Then who ever has space on their boat is who you would be sailing with. Sometimes you are just rail meat and other times they actually let you trim a sail. It was here that I met him. He was kind of out there, very ethereal in his ways. He was very tall and lanky with a sort of artsy unkempt look. Not my usual go to when looking at men. He would sometimes go back out sailing after the races and the sun had already gone down. He asked if anyone wanted to go and nobody piped up but me. He had been drinking, but then so had everyone else, hence the name beer can race.

I hopped on board his 34 ft live aboard boat and off we went. There wasn’t much down below but a complete mess at the time. There was something about this area of the bay I will never forget. Its the phosphorescence, it was purple not green. It was a crazy color and it was a crazy night. We got away from the lights of the yacht club and all of the noise. We didn’t sail out, we motored out to the center of the bay and sat under the stars. It was crystal clear that night, not a cloud in the sky. Sitting opposite of each other in the cockpit were chatting and then just sitting quietly.

He cut the motor and we were floating in awe of our surroundings. Not a sound, not a thought or a distraction. When all of a sudden we looked from the sky to each other and it was like someone had put a memory card back into the both of us at the same time. When I looked into his eyes he held my face close to his and all I could say was I know you, I remember you. We had experienced  that same moment together somewhere else and as I sat there I felt it all over again.

It was the most intense feeling I have ever had. It was love like I have never felt before but it wasn’t new, it was old love. Centuries old love that had burned a permanent spot on my heart. There was no confusing it with anything else. The stars, the water, the light breeze and him. I can still feel it like its imprinted on me forever. Did I love him in this life? No I had to let him go because we were not quite lined up for anything more than a brief passionate romance. Super intense but not meant to last long this time. That doesn’t take away from the moment I will always remember. This will have to go into one of my best ever first kisses.

I will never forget him no matter which lifetime we are in. He has made his mark on me and I have made mine on him for eternity or until we meet again.