A while back, on a rainy day, I scribbled some things on my writing pad.  I thought about some of the life altering moments that have come to pass for me. I sit here in a Central American jungle in Panama wondering why am I here and why did I choose this place at this time of my life. When I read back the list of intense things, it was the last one that answered my question.

These Things, They Were Intense

Finding that I was born of a different father

Being kicked out of the house at the age of 14

Being raped at the age of 15

Moving to Hawaii and finding freedom in 28 days

Sailing across the Atlantic

Losing my life at 29 years of age

4 hurricanes and a visitation

Going through menopause again

Rebuilding my face on the inside

The introduction to Reiki and Spirit

Drawing the line with fair weather friends

Sitting still