I found myself inches from pulling a Thelma & Louise today with my cat Sailor. It was going to be a simple day today. I got all of my cleaning done yesterday and today I set out with Sailor to get her to a vet appointment. She has a serious wound that wont heal and while I have already been to the vet here about a gazillion times, I have to go again.

Sailor is bleeding from her eye and I feel fever again in the area of her wound. It will take over an hour to get to the vet. There are several villages to drive through before I get to the bottom of the mountain and on to a main highway. However this morning there is a back up of traffic. So I roll the windows up (the air conditioning isn’t working in my car…Oh joy) part way so Sailor can still get air.

I walk up to the problem in the road and see the fine upstanding citizens of Panama (here enter the most sarcastic tone you can think of) have decided to create a road block at the Idaan water plant (not a normal size plant in real world). A road block here is big branches and rocks that have been pulled to the center of the road so nobody can drive through and or around. Sailor is bleeding in the car and I have an appointment with a vet that is only in her office every other day if that.

This is the most barbaric country I have ever lived in, ever. The people who are milling around are really here for a show more than anything. The one police car has  rolled up on the other side and nobody is doing anything. The people walking around don’t care that they have stopped kids from going to school and people from getting to their jobs, not  only that there are emergencies to be dealt with. They don’t care.

I went to speak to the guy who is in charge and took him to my car to show him Sailor’s  injury and that I have to get through to the doctor that is down the mountain. He said take her to the clinic for an injection. The people clinic. So there you have it, this is the guy in charge of this protest. The brains behind the plan of the day. Can you see how this is going to go today. They will be throwing rocks and screaming at each other before too long. That’s how they roll here.

It’s not  my favorite emotion but I have so much hate for this country and its people. They have no compassion for animals to begin with but even less for one that may have an emergency. I mean really, it’s just an animal. I can’t explain to you some of the things I have seen people do to animals here. It makes Michael Vick look like an angel.

On my way home (because I had to turn around) I’m crying the whole way because I am responsible for Sailor and for keeping her healthy and look at whats happened. I want to just drive off the cliff and call it a day. I’m disgusted with the attitude here. I am even more disgusted at the lies that this country feeds the elderly people who are looking to retire here from the United States.

This is a country of lies and I think its taking its toll on me. Old people want to come and live here because  they can’t afford to live in the states any more. They are being told it’s a bilingual country(lie) and the Panamanians are a happy culture (more lies). They are being told that there are no problems with the banking here and that its cheaper to live here (lies,lies, lies). People are being told that there are no earthquakes or hurricanes ( lies again Panama is sitting on the ring of fire). They are being told that there are no scorpions and or snakes (really? can you say bush master or fer de lance).

The point is, its real easy to complain about people from United States til you need something. Our country is the first place people come running to when disasters happen in the world. I’m sick of the people who do come here who talk through one side of their mouth about how great it is here and through the other side they can’t fucking believe what they just saw,  as a truck drives down the road with a dog tied to it and dragging it by the neck. Compassion, there is no compassion here.

I don’t really know if there is compassion anywhere outside of my home land. I haven’t seen it in a really long time. Why did I want to drive off the cliff today? Because I’m tired of all of it. A simple thing like letting someone through a protest because of a sick animal. What would that have hurt? I have had more than my fair share of hard times and I don’t plan on extending my crap on to my pets. I couldn’t do a damn thing about it today and that just killed me inside.

I have no steerage here. I can’t find my way out of this hell hole of a country and it’s actually taking years off of whats left of my existence. Pulling a Thelma and Louise will have to wait for now. Its was a nice thought but I would not honor this country with my remains. They don’t deserve it.