The Many Faces of Death

In the work that I do I see many different faces of death. Some are peaceful and smooth. Others are ragged and angry until they finally give in. The faces that I see are not just the physical bodies but the energy that emotes from the soul that is going to the next place. Its going to be different for all of us. One of the most beautiful deaths I have experienced was of an elder client named Grace. Her daughters surrounded her in her last moments. Yes there was a separation of body and soul that can sometimes be hard to watch but there was so much joy in the room brought by those that loved her. She floated on a bed of angelic roses through the thin veil between this world and the next one.

My wish is that we all have that experience, but its just not how it works. My own mothers death was not so nice as what I just described. I wish it had been, but it was the journey she chose. That was to be her way. Lately I have been getting visits by the messenger of death, or transition as I like to call it. The owl came last night and I knew that a client of mine was leaving and had finally let go to make her journey. I have to say she was a tough little shit and ran her family ragged. She got me too or I wouldn’t be writing this piece at 3:44 in the morning. It is in her honor and also to those that have passed in the last little while including my mother Geneva.

The Many Faces of Death

Your eyes are clear

They see me

Your heart is deep

As deep as the sea

As you let go of this physical body

You expand

As the soul that you are

Do you feel it now?

The pull to pure joy, pure love

Its powerful enough to carry you

The rest of the way

The way you haven’t wanted to go

But its here now

Hold on to the hands that are reaching out for you

Hold on to the love that is seeping into your soul

There is no room for anger now 

Its vibration no longer resonates with you

Love, pure love

Peace, pure peace

When you finally let go the anger

The fear, the judgement and the rage

Source fills your soul

You float into the next realm of existence 

The realm of Gods beauty after the human experience 

Let go of the shell of what you can no longer be

Feel the pulse of your soul

It belongs to the flow

The oneness that is the universe

Outside of the physical being ness 

Its beauty is you, and you are now

You are everything

Do you see me?

Do you see you, now that you are there?

Do you feel everything now?

Isn’t it everything you never thought it could be?

It is

It is oneness

I am overjoyed for your time to be now

In that weightless light being existence 

Honor the journey that you took

Here on this earth plain

It wasn’t easy

It wasn’t pretty 

The anger you held for so long withered your little body. 

It ate you up with the resentment that was the cancer in your life

Your face of death wasn’t beautiful

but it was yours 

And mine will be mine

Even with blood spewing from your swollen body 

The journey you chose was yours and it held a beauty and fierceness of its own 

The sacred owl came and told me you were going now

We will all feel your power from the other side 

Light and love, peace and joy little one

Breathe in your sigh of relief

Its time for you to shine