I have recently connected with friends from my younger years. Junior high school to be exact. We were all going through so much at the age of preteen to teen and man I’m glad to say that we made it. Not unscathed but we did make it. My most recent friend reconnection I have  thought of for years, just wondering is she alive or dead? Did she marry? Did she get an education? What happened to her family etc. I am so happy she came through all of the hard times. Even though we split paths, I went my way she went hers, I never stopped hoping she would be okay. Being at the age we are, us girls, I feel like we are the trail blazers for women who decided early on we didn’t want to have the 2.5 kids,  the husband, the dog and the white picket fence etc. Its a true testament to the strong women that we are today, that we didn’t feel like we had to do what our mothers did and their mothers before them .

I remember my grandma Bea saying to me that she was put on this earth for only one thing and that was to have children. When she spoke those words I felt a great sadness encompass me and her at the same time. She had so much to offer but in her day it wasn’t the way. She had nine kids. I would say that the majority of my female friends that are my age in fact don’t have kids and aren’t regretting it for one second of one minute. Making a different choice than our mothers did has opened up the gate way for women to boldly use that freedom of choice.

I still today get asked sometimes where is your husband or how many kids do you have? I have to admit when I was younger I did question am I doing the right thing. It was the right decision for me. I am not a jump on the feminist soap box kind of girl, but I believe we are stronger than men in so many ways. Less pay for the same work etc bothers the crap out of me. Go ahead shake your head if you want, but I have experienced it time and again in my life and its still happening. I am confident that the life path I chose is the right one for me, its just so nice to see that I’m not the only one.

Would I like to have a man at my side? Yes, I would. I do miss being a couple. Note that I said at my side, not  a man to lead me or try to keep me behind him but to walk at my side as an equal. If I had stayed with the men I was in love with in my earlier years I would have never experienced the things that I have. I’m glad for the women who stuck it out and had the babies who will become the next generation for us. I’m even more glad they they are passing along the right to use these freedoms of choice that are set before us today. So as we step back into each others lives I welcome you with an open heart ladies. I am proud to call you friends and hope that we don’t part until its time to take the journey home.