The Apprenticeship Begins

Being of sound mind and aging body I seem less physical in this life and more ethereal than I had thought I ever would be. Several months ago I reached out to a local medium for a reading. She quickly and astutely proved herself to me and gave clear messages from spirit. She even brought forward a spirit that I had no previous knowledge of. It was that day that I was introduced to a female spirit. Her name is Ruth Montgomery and when she was alive she authored books such as  “Strangers Among Us”, “Here and Hereafter”, “Born To Heal” (a favorite of mine) as well as the auto biography of Jean Dixon. I had no previous knowledge of Ruth Montgomery, although I had heard of a movie called “Strangers Among Us”.

Ruth brought to light a form of channeling called Automatic Writing. As it turns out I believe I have done this before while writing. Words have poured out of me at times and it felt like it wasn’t me doing the writing. Our introduction came through the reading I began to tell you about. Ruth simply asked if I would be willing she would like to work with me in the form of automatic writing. I said yes and shortly thereafter we started working together. This didn’t come about at the speed of light mind you. I am open though, and I believe that being open to working with spirit is key. For me this is about finding another way to help others heal in a way that they never had imagined could be possible. Simply by receiving messages from loved ones that have transitioned to the next place.

Shortly after our introduction Miss Ruth and I connected early one morning. I picked up the pen and started writing my questions down and she answered them accordingly. Mind you, I am not here to find out the next winning lottery numbers or how to make more money doing less work. The questions were of a spiritual nature. We are tuning in to each other and as we do this I am grateful for her patience. Mostly I am shocked that she chose me. But I love her courage and her drive. Its the same as when she was working in the good ole boys club there in Washington DC. I forgot to mention that as a woman journalist she would be the only one in her time that sat for 6 presidencies. My hats off to anyone that could hold her own in the political world and especially in that time.

As Ruth and I step into this relationship as Teacher & Apprentice, I am in awe of how this is coming together. I now use a meditation taught to me by another mentor. Her name is Janet Nohavec. This meditation is called the “Upper Room” or another form of “sitting in the power”. This can be found on Janet’s youtube page via her website . This technique is where one can go to sit in a sacred space created by you and invite those that you want to connect with. I invite those who I am guided to invite. I have invited Miss Ruth on several occasions and I am grateful she is with me and listening. Ruth is a gentle soul but I feel a fierceness about her. Me being the apprentice and having no idea how this is all going to come about,  I’m learning to listen when she nudges me.

It began this way today. I was trying to finish a book I was reading by Gordon Smith called “Beyond Reasonable Doubt”. I kept hearing the words “its time to write”. “Its time to get it done”. “It will get easier of you keep the motion of writing going”. “Quit this business of stop starting, its not helping you”, and so on. I promptly finished the book and here I am. Ruth I thank you for that because when I do sit down and tap it all out I feel so much better. I feel as if I have accomplished something.

This is the beginning of introducing who I am as a medium and author. I know, I know, I’m small potatoes compared to all of the other names out there. That is why its so important to listen to the likes of Ruth Montgomery. It is our experience together that can bond and create space for others to feel at ease with the likes of me. I want to write. I also want to transition my career from simply “massage therapist healer” to “healer medium and teacher”. It is my goal and intention to work at this connection and help as many as I can along the way.

At this moment I have to stifle a laugh as I can feel her big beautiful eyes rolling and her head shaking when she see’s how atrocious my grammar is. Sorry Ruth, Im doing my best. I feel you though, every time I slow my roll, you are there to nudge me and for that I thank you. I am going to continue to study  the great ones like Albert Best, Helen Hughes, and Edgar Cayce (one of my other peeps whom I respect greatly). I also look forward to learning more from Janet Nohavec and hopefully many others. When I say many others this is to include those of your friends and relatives that reach out to give messages to you, through me, so that you can come to the realization that this life doesn’t end. It changes form in the way of frequency and layers. This is what I know to be true.