I wrote this a long time ago. I had just bought my boat. It was a Union 36′ cutter rigged sail boat. I loved that boat and gave to her my blood sweat and tears. I named her Sweet P because that’s what my ex-boyfriend used to call me. He said I would never have a boat of my own. Don’t ever tell me I cant.

Sweet P

Where will my Sweet P take me

North south east or west

Will she go with full sails

Or dump them in jest

How will you handle yourself she says to me

Will you stay or run trying to be free

Free from your demons, your past uninvited

Or the love that you gave so unrequited

Stand still…stand still…listen…shhhh

Stay quiet, just be

Listen to your heart it will tell you where to go

Where peace comes easy and the wind just blows

There is your direction, there it is now

Sail safe, sail sound

Using all of your senses you know how

Let go, she will be your heart, your soul

your true , Sweet P