Why is the sunshine different here? This subject was drawn from topics given to me by friends a few weeks ago. There was an interruption in the universe that took away my ability to communicate. No phone, no  internet etc. I still have the hat that the topics were put into and it’s from there that I drew today’s topic.

So why is the sunshine different here, where I am, than where you are? Here is where I am going to create some bullshit story because I really have no idea how to address this topic (who donated this topic? I owe you one). I am a sun sign so I thrive on the warmth it gives me when it’s here. I find myself not wanting to be in the sun in the jungle though.

It is different. It’s a different feel, than say, being on the beach with the sun melting you into sugar sand and sitting just steps away from clear cool turquoise water to dip into. The sun here is harsh much like the jungle its shines on. It reaches to those plants and animals that are only strong enough to take it. Then the cloud rolls over the sun and it’s too late for the rest.

Survival of the fittest to say the least. The sun here in the Jungle feels like a blow torch being placed on your body and you have  nowhere to go. Its fire is very beautiful from a distance but for it to lay on your skin, is unforgiving. It burns without the slightest apology.

Yet to sit in the shade and watch the brilliant greens change color when the sun passes over the leaves is almost breath-taking. Every plant having its own color, shape and purpose gives a stunning show right in front of your eyes. If you choose to watch it.

In my yard I watch the sun burn dry the dew that’s left on the grass from the cool night. It doesn’t take long to hear the popping sound of the roof settling from the change of temperature. As the water is pulled from the leaves  they seem to be stretching to the sky. It’s a beautiful yet dangerous thing, this sun of ours.

The sun can dehydrate you, sap your energy and deplete every ounce of  motivation you think you have. In the jungle it has the rain to balance it. Everywhere else there are oceans lakes and rivers to keep it from killing you. While I don’t know much about sun flares, I have learned recently that this is yet another thing that alters our very emotional beings.

Like we need another thing to screw with our emotions. Why is the sunshine different here? Because it can be. It’s the sun it can do what it wants. Although I love the sun on the ocean and on the beach, I will endure and appreciate what the sun on the jungle does. Please don’t take my sunshine away.