After seeing so many upsetting you tube moments about people not showing compassion, I have to say something. Watching video of a test of humanity just makes my heart drop. Whats the matter with people? It’s like they give no thought to passing  someone in need and not even acknowledging their existence.

Not only that but now there are people who are helping in some cases where local politics have banned feeding people who are homeless and hungry. They are complaining about these people shitting in the park. Well get together and put up a port-o-potty or ten.

Please don’t look away again. That someone who really needs your help is someones mother or son or father. They didn’t start out in the way that you see them now. Look a little deeper.


If I’m on the ground writhing in pain

Would you  stop for me in the pouring rain

If my skin is red or white or black

Would you keep walking and never look back

If I was dripping in gold, but smelled like mold

Would you pass me by

If you heard me cry

If I begged and pleaded help me

Would you turn the other way pretending not to see

I needed help at a point in my life

Nobody came to free me from strife

Nobody cared to see inside

Before things got so crazy on this maddening ride

Knowing now what you didn’t know then

Would you help another and make them your friend

Would you look closer at the troubled on the street

Or would you keep walking, pounding your feet

My hope is to wake you now and say open your eyes

Before it’s too late and everyone dies

Everyone dies, we know that’s true

It will be remembered what you did or did not do