While living in Panama I’ve learned the thing most easily stolen, is time. It is stolen everyday without regret or apology. The thing is, time is so short, and when you are trying to heal old wounds, you realize you need every moment. Every moment counts in trying to understand and reconcile why relationships did or did not exist. This place has stolen the last connection to my existence. They have stolen it from me and my mother. They didn’t even blink an eye.

Stolen Time

What you took from me can not be replaced

Your empty hearts

Are a true disgrace

To humanity

Living here, is pure insanity

You don’t want me here

But you wont let me go

To Her

You’ve bound my hands

And tied my feet

I can’t move forward

I can’t retreat

I have what you want

But you wont take it

From me

Cant you see

This time is precious

The time you’ve stolen

Was my time to connect

It was the time I didn’t get

To heal and to mend

Wounds so deep

Now you’ve stolen time and stolen my sleep

You are heartless and cruel and living your lies

It wont matter then, when one of us dies

You will go on living

In your web of deceit

Learning nothing

But how to repeat

Your crime

By stealing more time