Open the pain and see through the other side. Open the fear and see through the illusion. These are messages from spirit channeled today for a friend. Spirit comes through when we need it most.

When I say Spirit, it can mean loved ones that crossed over to help from the other side or angels from that same realm just a higher vibration. I myself have experienced visitations from spirit, so from these experiences I know it to be true.

When I channeled yesterday Spirit said that the hard part is over and to be ready for easier times. Thank God, that’s exactly what I needed to hear. They said there is something easier and more loving coming my way. Its my M.O. to take on all of the crazy ass challenges that nobody else would do, but it feels like now I don’t need to do that sort of stuff.

I’ve learned so much in my life that I can finally hear the guidance now. As long as I stay away from the frustration and keep it low-key I will be Ok. It was a close one. I  almost didn’t make it through to being here. There were some moments that could have been the end for me in this life time.

I’m still kicking though and glad to be of help to those around me. I refer quite a lot to the Michael Teachings ( I studied under Sally Baldwin who taught channeling classes and I was impressed by how easy the entity Michael came through.

This Michael is not Arch Angel Michael. This Michael is an entity of souls that were channeled sometime back to help us have a better understanding of our souls purpose. Guiding us through an over-leaf of a lifetime to show what our role is and our soul age.  They also share what our soul relationship is with those around us. It helps give a better understanding of who we are as a soul and takes away much confusion.

I am an old soul and my focus is to give back. This would make sense for me in what I do and who I am. For me to have dealings with someone who is an infant soul with a focus of only survival isn’t easy. Because of these teachings and this guidance it helps me to have more compassion and a better understanding.

I know in my heart why I have had such a difficult time in Panama. This is an infant soul country and a very primitive place. It’s uncomfortable for me, but I have learned so much about patience while I’m here and am learning to let go of things I have no control over.

I have enjoyed channeling for others and showing them a new way to look at the people who are in their  lives  and understand why they are there. It’s really cool to see the light bulb moment. This doesn’t mean you run home to your husband or significant other and yell at him or her because they are an infant soul. It may feel good at that moment but it serves no purpose. You were once there yourself.

It’s so much easier channeling for others rather than for myself, however, I check in every day with Spirit and do my best to listen. For any of you that do read me and are interested in having a soul chart done message me and I am happy to help. There will be a fee of course but its affordable and the help you receive from it will be immense.