There are different levels of a Soul’s existence. Or should I say of a Soul’s awareness and when I hear or see more people acting their Soul age it makes me smile. Today I was listening to Laura Mirante (Channel) and Reverend Leah Fortner (Intuitive) run an hour-long show on blog talk radio.

Laura Is a friend and a Channel that I have known for a few years. We have had many mentors among our group of friends, but the one in particular mentor we shared was Sally Baldwin. She was a great mentor and is now doing so from the other side.

On the radio,  Laura reminded the audience that in fact she is not a Medium or a Psychic and that she Channels messages from Spirit on a Soul level. So it will be a very astute message, but it may not be the message that you think you need to hear in the way you think you need to hear it.

Anyway one of the callers was so bound in ego that she refused to hear what was coming through. It’s not really her fault because of her level of awareness. She, I believe was an Infant Soul. Her focus being only on survival, and her thinking was simple and she couldn’t grasp the message she was being given. She wanted a cut and dry answer and as we know life isn’t always so cut and dry. There are usually others involved and sometimes it can be a karmic issue.

What I have learned through my mentor Sally Baldwin and the Michael Teachings is there are five soul ages and many different levels of awareness. I maybe interpreting this in my own way, but you can always go direct to the web site to get it word for word if you need it. The Soul ages go as follows based on the Michael Teachings….

Infant Soul…focus is survival, primitive in most cases. Still learning right from wrong.

Baby Soul…focus is very much on structure and order. They do better by being told what to do and when to do it. They need rules to live by, and they stick tightly to those rules. You see this is overtly religious people.

Young Soul…focus is on success, winning and competition. Do more, make more, get more, more, more.

Mature soul…focus is on intense emotion and relationships. Intense love, fear, joy, anger. No matter, it’s about the intensity and the relationship.

Old Soul…focus is on giving back. More laid back in their approach and more spiritually minded. We are one.

Of course Leah and Laura are both very intuitive and kept everything moving forward on the show. I had to smile at the nod and acknowledgment that they gave the caller who couldn’t quite get there.

I highly recommend checking out some of the Channeling’s of Michael. They will be along the same lines as what Esther Hicks does with the Abraham teachings. Michael the entity, being not one soul but a collective of many Soul’s. They were Channeled to help us have a better understanding of our Soul age and our role here on earth, among other things.

They are wonderful, and I have Channeled them often. They are always there for me if I ask for help. It’s an honor to be among those that have the awareness and care to share it with the world in a most astute way. For that I have gratitude. It helps me have a better understanding and compassion for the souls that I cross paths with. Or at least I try.

Check out today’s radio show at

as well as the website for The Michael Teachings (don’t worry it’s not a freaky cult and nobody is going to show up to shave your head and make you hand out paper rainbows at the airport)

I hope you take the time and check it out. Its amazing when you read about it and then watch the people around you. The light bulb moment’s will follow soon after. Namaste

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