Being part of a collective seems to be a topic running through my head today. I have friends and acquaintances that belong to many different religions and belief systems. Some are quiet and compassionate in their beliefs and some are not. There are those that open their hearts and share with others around them in many different ways. Then there are those who stand on soap boxes and quote from scriptures initially channeled from God, but then rewritten by man and his motives.

I love to hear people enjoying something they are passionate about. I think its great. However what makes me listen more? The screaming preacher or the meditating Buddhist? Do I want to lie cheat and steal all week long no matter who it affects, so that I can show up on Sunday and kneel before a man in black and say a few hail Mary’s and I’m good to go? What about the poor souls I took advantage of throughout the week. Will they feel my confession?

It seemsĀ  to me that most people go to church to be part of a collective, which is an admirable thing. I think that people are like water they seek their own level. For me there is no need for beads or a cross to talk to the source or higher power, or whoever that is for you. For me its God. For other peopleĀ  it could be Buddha, Allah or Yogi Bear for that matter. If I am in a place with like minded people I can tune in to the energy of spirit and it feels warm and welcoming. If I am by myself I can do the same thing.

When I am in a space full of people that are restricted by a script written by man it feels like I’m in a bad play off off Broadway. In other words a lot of bad actors. I have had people of certain religions tell me (in my own home) that I must remove all foreign Gods from my home or God will not hear my prayers. Really? When I was younger I was screamed at and ridiculed by a “Men of God” for listening to music and dancing. I will keep an open heart to those who are bound by their scriptures.

There will come a time that they realize they can drop their beads and crosses and turn their focus inward. Hopefully they will shed their judgement and man made rules and get down to the heart of the matter. To have love in your heart is a beautiful thing. To share it with those willing to receive is even better. In what ever form it comes in be open, but trust your instincts. If it smells like shit don’t step in it.