No person, place or thing has power over me, is one of my favorite affirmations. Followed up by I am free. I say this pretty much every day but yesterday I used it after dealing with a truly awful woman. I am not one to be pushed around much to begin with, but I had a lady who booked for one night with her boyfriend and tried to get things that were not included in her “Big” one night stay.

She was extremely insistent and when I pointed out to her nicely two times the explanation on my web site of what is included in a one night stay she persisted in telling me I was wrong and that I needed to change my site etc. I offered her deal and that wasn’t good enough.

Yeah…she was one of “Those” people. You know the kind, her shit doesn’t stink and because she works in the Government Palace (yeah I googled her) she is probably used to getting her way and pushing the “little people” around. Well I may be short but I am my own boss and will not be pushed either way. I would just as soon not have you in my space.

That is how it worked out. I offered her the door and thank goodness she took it. Of course not without throwing an insult my way. You know the thing is, when my guests are here I take care of them the way I would want to be taken care of. The rooms are clean the linens are fresh the lawn is mowed and the flowers are blooming. The feeders have bananas to draw the birds in so you can view them easier and the humming bird feeders are full of sweet water so that you can get a good view of them up close.

The food is home-made with all the loving energy I can muster and I serve you. You don’t have to lift a finger. Usually when you go I send some sort of goody with you. Even if you are only here for one night. In doing this I am still free. I am free to do the best I can to make you feel at home without smothering you or making you feel like I  think you are going to steal or break something.

I feel what you feel so I want you to be calm and comfortable in my space. All that lady had to do was read the reviews and move forward for the experience. I honestly think it griped my nerve because she questioned my value. I have great value. I choose to be here on this planet by my free will and I can choose to leave just as easy. It will not be by anyone’s choice, but my own when I do leave.

One of my favorite quotes from Dan Millman’s book ” The Way of the Peaceful Warrior” is “Those who are hardest to love need it the most”. That includes the lady that was judging my value and me for taking it personally.