Since I’ve been living here in Panama, I have experienced some truly special healing moments. People have simply¬† shown up on my doorstep for reasons that are unknown to them at the time. Then they leave with a clearer mind and etched out path. There have been several women hiding here from their abusers. They have taken solace here within the walls of my home and gardens. In their time of need they have been allowed to regroup and find the courage to move forward again, with a feeling of being protected and secure. Not protected by me but by those that guide them.

I have seen couples come together in secret and others who came here to renew their undying love for each other. There is such beauty in that. I have seen shamanic women come here for ceremonies and reconnection with Gaia, mother earth. Its been an honor to witness the healing of many and to help neighbors who call in the middle of the night or any time is awesome. There is something about this place that cant be explained. I don’t know if its the location or the home or me, but its almost tangible.

I have a patio that over looks the jungle and people sit up there for hours just soaking in whatever it is that is healing them. There have been so many different types of healing moments here on this property, not only people but animals too. Stray or lost dogs as well as birds that fly into the window find a way to heal and regroup from whatever it is that is ailing them at the time. Its been really cool and a complete honor to be a part of the healing process, the conduit if you will.

So as I am trying to move forward on my path I would like to pass the torch. I would like to turn over what I have found here in my little corner of Panama, to another who would like to experience the same thing. It would be nice to hand it over to someone with good intent and higher energy so that all who come here are welcome and feel rejuvenated when they leave. As I am putting this out there to the universe I am hoping the new owner hears me and understands what is about to unfold in front of them. For me its been the awakening of my creative side and learning to let go of things that serve no purpose. Today I put it out there and hand the torch to you.