As I sit here watching the morning come alive on this mountain in Central America, I am bracing my self for the change that’s coming. Yesterday I was introduced to yet anotherĀ  technical thing I am not familiar with. There are many more things like this to come. I am certain of it.

My neighbor who is a writer, is giving me tips on how to step into the world of writers and followers on Twitter. I am still finding my Blogger legs from another friend of mine guiding me into the Bloggers world. I suppose it sounds like I’m some sort of hermit or something. Not being in the same mix as most people when it comes to communications and social media is normal for me, but understand I’ve been doing stuff.

Stuff I can now write about because I came out of it alive. Its a freaking miracle by the way…just sayin. I am so thankful for my techie friends and neighbors who are helping me see the light of this new world. As all of this stuff was being created I was probably sailing or backpacking or working on my survival skills. It hadn’t been at the top of my list to learn, but now it is.

I am looking out the window writing on my battered dell computer dreaming of the day when I can step into the mac world. As I look out the window now I see the red-legged honey creepers pushing their way around the feeders I have hanging on the patio. The birds here are in abundance and they have no qualms about telling me when the feeder is out or low. Trust me there is plenty for them to feed on all around the property.

When I sell this place I will have fond memories of where I sat writing these words. Its quiet and beautiful but make no mistake there is danger that lurks beneath the surface of this jungle. Parts of which I will share with you along the way.

For now though, its time now to prepare the food for the next guests coming. They too are seeking an adventure outside of their normal world. I will help them as best I can. Just like people are doing for me.