Today I am finding it very difficult to stay in the moment and I’m trying not to jump ahead to the next thing coming. Its a cloudy rainy day today. I have plenty of gardening to do and all I can think about is selling this home in Panama. I have always been one to push ahead in life. Trying to make my way and most always end up being a trail blazer of some sort or another. I have worked hard on creating  a nice place to live.

With little money as of late I have tried to do what I can to spruce up the garden. For instance to create the natural barrier between my house and my only neighbor I have been cutting bamboo from one part of my property and placing it between our houses. This was a suggestion from a close friend. She had a vision and saw the prospective buyer appreciating the natural barrier between my house and my neighbors.

These sort of things I don’t take lightly. Well, I try to pay attention to these nudges anyway. It was later that same day after planting the bamboo that I got an email from a family asking to see  the house on Sunday. I hope they see and feel the same things as I did when I bought this property. So here is the point where my mind usually takes of running in all different directions. Can these people buy it? Will they buy it? Do I sit firm on my price? Will they be put off because it needs paint and on and on I go in my mind.

So I am trying a different approach today. I am going to sit and write for a while and if it dries out I will continue to garden. I need to keep my mind quiet and let all of the decision making be the buyers. I cant alter anyone’s decision. I can only show what is here and what is good and hope they feel it and see that it is right for their family. There are many things that will follow the sell of this property, but for today, I will  focus only on today. I am trying to change the speed in which I move through life.

I realize that while it is my path, and we always end up where we are supposed to be, I will try to push a little less against the universe. Maybe if I just breathe a little more and walk through life with the same purpose but more gently.  As I contemplate the choices that lay before me I will find and easier way and more joyful journey. I deserve that much I know. Well that’s my intent any way lets see how thing’s go. I am still me after all the warrior soul and the one who accomplishes many things.