I don’t mind the aging so much

Its the being single and lacking some touch

It doesn’t bother me, the wrinkles and sags

It seems a bit much…the saddle bags

Okay, the weight is a bother

It gets on my nerves

I never knew I could have these kind of curves

Being a woman is something I’m proud of

I’m much stronger than most men would consider

I see in real life it can make them bitter

How dare I show my strength and my will to go the distance

I wouldn’t have it any other way, its my insistance

I embrace my flaws

and my too tight draws

I am who I am, but more than that

I am not only the spots and grays and fat

I am a beautiful soul with strength and power

as wise and knowing as the lotus flower

So at my 40 something years, I’m just getting started

Here to help the broken hearted

Never tell me I have no chance

because it will be me, to start the first dance.