This belongs to Gretchen and Heidi. I feel you both and hope that you will soon feel the peace you so deserve.


This is my grief

You can’t take it away

If I let it go she wont stay

I miss her more than ever now

I look to her and make a vow

I will look and look and find out why

They took you from me and you had to die

Let me sit here in my grief

Let me be in my belief

It pains my heart to no end

That you left so soon without a friend

I fear for you to be so lonely

I want you here so you can hold me

You are my daughter and always will be

Whether you are here or there I love you wholly



Please don’t grieve for me

I’m on my way

I’m light and love in your every day

I feel no pain, no heavy heartness

Where I am there is no darkness

I feel your pull so very strong

Please let me go, this isn’t wrong

Its my turn now to fly so free

There is no need to grieve for me

The hard parts done, I’m with you now

You can’t see me but I heard your vow

Let it go and feel my light

I will be with you every night

I’m never frightened or alone

I’ve made it Mom…I’m finally home