Time is moving so rapidly its hard to believe that I am almost 5 years in the same place. Its unbelievable to me how it is that  I came to be this in moment. I breathe in and exhale like I can make everything slow down. What a joke that is. I have to laugh to myself. Its time that doesn’t exist, but  its an entire population that seems to hang on to it like its their life line. Yes I’m one of the many who look at the clock or the sky and say wow I cant believe its noon already or where has this day gone?

So here, today, I will sit and just breathe. I look inside my heart and try to figure out what to focus on for the day, for the moment and how will that move energy around me. Today I will try my best not to stand in judgement. Today I will love myself for the old soul that I am. Today I will offer my hand to whoever needs it, or my shoulder to cry on. Today I will surround myself in Love Light Peace & Joy. Just breathe.