Well I’m not sure how this is going to come out other than maybe as a rant. Today’s draw from the hat in the Nine Your Fine challenge is “Living In The Now”. I am probably going to get in trouble on this one. I have been up all night and not because I wanted to be. I tried to go to bed a few times but the noise level from a house party about a mile away has been shaking my windows since 8pm yesterday.

When I take a breath and exhale I am still so angry at how fucking stupid these people are. Words can not describe to you the level of pure ignorance and selfishness I have been witness to this evening. For me living in the now, in this moment, my body is stressed and exhausted physically and emotionally I’m spent.

In the now, in this moment its 539 am and the music is still shaking my windows. In the now I am disgusted at the truly bad behavior shown by the grown ass people across the way. My heart goes out to the animals that have been affected by the last 10 hours of un-natural noise. I live in a national park and this kind of thing confuses the animals and can kill them.

Living moment by moment I am barely hanging on by a thread. Where I am now is not a place for the faint of heart. For now I am breathing but who knows what the next five minutes will bring. If I make it out of this country alive it will be a fucking miracle.