Its cool here on the mountain. Its late afternoon and Sailor is sitting by my side and Jack is hunting birds while he is splayed over the back of the couch. There is a story in my head I’m having a hard time getting it out. Trying to find the words and get them to paper so that everyone who reads can understand me.

On this late afternoon my neighbors have hired a couple of guys to chop up a tree that fell from the strong winds last week. So while I am hearing the birds sing and the wind blow, I also hear hack…hack …hack. They are using machetes and that’s how they roll here. Have machete will travel. Clearing a property of weeds and debree is done with machetes.

I keep them around the house for safety. I even keep one in my car, you know, just in case. Can you imagine getting pulled over in the United States with a machete sitting right at your feet. That would be hysterical, til they throw you in jail. Here its just normal. Panama is still a very primitive country.

There are still people living in jungle shacks with no running water or electricity. This is all very close to “civilization” . There is a community of houses I call pop up houses. A group of gypsies travel around and take over an area. They build houses with whatever scrap they can steal or muster from the garbage. Then after a period of time passes they call the government to protest they haven’t got electricity or water.

Well it’s not their land and they aren’t paying rent to be on it. They are squatters and eventually the government gets tired of them complaining and clears them out. Only to find another place down the road. It’s not like there aren’t any jobs in this country. There are plenty of jobs. They don’t have enough people to fill the jobs that exist as I am writing this. That is the way it is here in Panama.

People have the self serving attitude just like in other parts of the world. They just want but don’t want to work to get it. I find that interesting. In some cases it works for the politicians. They can obtain a vote from these people if given a tiny bit of money to keep them hooked and quiet.

Well the hacking has stopped and now all I hear is the wind, humming birds and the geckos chirping. It’s a beautiful place to be. The flowers are popping so bright in their purples and pinks. Its amazing what grows here and survives in all of the craziness that is the jungle.