Before I moved to Panama I wrote this while on my way back to the states from visiting a friend. Words always find their way to me when Im on a plane. I dont know why. A friend was renting a house in the area of Cerro Azul and she saw more snakes in the time she was there than most people haveĀ  in their whole lives living in the jungle. She was calling them in and didn’t even realize it…Law of Attraction.

The lady with the snakes, she keeps calling them in

They are here to help her transition within

The transition she fights more than ever before

The baby soul that she is we can only adore

Hey baby soul don’t you hear the call

Your angels are singing have no fear, no fear at all

Let the change come, let it sit in your lap

Feel it, touch it and believe there’s no trap

No trap of fear or death or destruction your way

Just a change, a shift, a brighter new day

Be at peace baby soul and know your okay