I woke up on July 13th 2013 and this is what I felt and wrote.

The word of the day today is Jubilation. It started out with elation but that wasn’t exciting enough for me. I feel as if everything is being lifted off of my shoulders today. A sigh of relief and a breath of happiness. Not a sappy fake La La La happy, but from the core, “Thank you God for lifting me up out of this adventure and I’m ready for the next”. It would be a relief to be starting something new especially now. Getting back to service is what I want. Being of service to others so that they have a lighter more loving experience. I want to help them find the light on their path.

What a gift it is to see someone get their moment. I so want to be a part of that. I believe its possible to look through the veil of death or dementia and see a soul shining through ready to accept the next role. I believe its an honorable loving moment. I want to help take away the  fear so the light shines brighter and it comes easier for them to make the journey. I’m not talking physical level, but from a soul level where it truly matters. Please God help me to help them, those that are ready.

Today is August 17th 2013 and I know in my heart that this comes from wanting to work with the elderly and hospice. It sounds so “Dr Kavorkien” and I don’t mean it in that way. It has to be most difficult to watch someone you love die and leave this place. I know I would feel the same if I was at my moms death bed. However I will see to it that their is positive energy somewhere to help things feel lighter and easier on all. If its holding a hand or washing a dish it doesn’t really matter.

I don’t know what was happening with me the day I wrote this but I have to say it hasn’t changed. I want to help and maybe that’s with sharing what I know or maybe its just sitting in the same room with people who are suffering from the release of their loved one. I know that as I read what I have written it doesn’t match up with Jubilation, but then again maybe it does. When we die we don’t have to hold on to all of the earthly worries and responsibilities, it feels good. The love is all encompassing and truly beautiful. I’m not saying going before we are supposed to,is the answer although I have thought about it many times.  I’m just saying if when you gotta go wouldn’t it be nice if someone were there to say Ive seen it and you are going to love it there, because “There” is really here just in another form.