Energy is the root of all there is to this life and this universe. When we look at our physical bodies, at the very core of our physicality, its energy. We are electric beings. Our souls are light energy that expand out, integrating with other souls giving us proof we are now and have always been “One”. I’m gonna go “there” a little bit today because I am reminded constantly to look at things as energy.

It is our choice how we move through life. We choose to turn left or turn right and interact or not with those around us. We can choose to be open and accept the presence of a new experience in our daily living. Being in the presence of new energy doesn’t mean it has to change your belief system. But wouldn’t it be cool if it altered our level of vibration. I believe it does. I also believe that keeping the positive thought on this very subject ripples out and changes the way we affect those around us.

Recently I have opened myself up to a neighbor that I originally received  a closed off vibe from. It was as if there was no way “in” no matter how nice or helpful I was. That door was closed to newbies. I have begun to not hang on to the idea of “its me” and “I don’t belong”. Instead I accept where I am energetically and where they are. I am learning to stay my course and in doing so it’s shifting the flow of my life. I feel as if I’ve opened myself up to a smoother way of being. The neighbor as it turns out started speaking to me about clearing out negative energy of a property she owns. There is our connection, Energy. It always comes back to that.

I found the same thing to be true of a group of people I used to be very connected with. A group of therapists, body-workers if you will, who are connected by using the same healing modality. Several years back I was very connected and in their “loop”. However I took a left turn and ended up out of the country and therefore out of the loop. I am back now, after wrestling many demons and rising like the phoenix from the ashes. It was an epic battle for which I can never express the intensity to someone who hasn’t been in the trenches. It is truly a miracle I am here and I sit in gratitude every day.

Upon my return I went back to connect with that group. Only to find out that I was made to feel like I didn’t belong. Or I should say, I allowed myself to feel like I didn’t belong. This was a huge wake up call and I found myself wanting to lay down and feel sorry for myself. After all I was still incredibly raw from the battle I was just in. I didn’t have the strength for yet another challenge.

Instead I took a moment (in reality a few weeks) to go back to the thought of being in the energy. I know where I am and what I am about. I know that Source or the Higher Power (I call God ) is guiding me to simply “Be” and not hang on to the old ego driven ways. Embracing the energy of who I am and what I am here for makes me realize that I am part of the whole. Whether or not I connect with the group of therapists doesn’t matter. I bring to the table what I have to offer, and that is simply light energy and love. I am the Light and so are they.

My neighbor is also the light. By accepting who I am as light energy it helps me see the light connection or the energetic connection to others around me. It feels right.  It keeps life moving at a higher vibration and that is where I am most comfortable. It is where I call “home” in my heart.

As I set about doing my morning rituals today, I kept smelling and tasting cigarette smoke. I don’t smoke but one of my spirit guides did when he was in the physical. He was a heavy smoker and drinker. This was his way of helping me connect the dots as to who it was that wanted to give me guidance.

I sat down to connect with this guide and he helped confirm everything I have been feeling and experiencing in the past 6 months. He reminded me of a woman named Annie who created an invocation to the light. For quite a while now I thought I was remembering her invocation but I inadvertently created something different yet similar, which is “I am the light, You are the light, We hold the light together”.

I say thank you to both Annie and the spirit that gave me confirmation of those thoughts about energy and how we are constantly evolving. From the core of my being I am grateful to be a part of this moment, this learning experience.