If you go to a psychic or medium and he or she says “I predict” anything, get up and walk out. I am a psychic medium. I am not a fortune teller. I was reminded this morning in the wee hours to convey this message to as many people as is possible. My clients included. 

I have been in those life situations where its crazy and chaotic and I didn’t know what to do. Going to a reader would have been just another way of trying to get advice. I have done this plenty of times. Although I have never become what is called a psychic junkie. Only because I couldn’t afford it. Had I plenty of money in my bank account at the time I may have paid for reading after reading. Lucky for me, in a way, I wasn’t able to do that. I have, at a very low point in my life, paid an ungodly amount of money for a “authentic” psychic reader. What a load of horse shit that was. I’m embarrassed for myself. I was in a moment of sheer desperation. I needed help and I wasn’t getting it from the living. So I completely understand that feeling of needing to do anything to find the answer. 

As Ive grown and I am now on this side of the table, I can see now how it works. The message  that comes through me or is shown to me is not as much about the people sitting in front of me. These messages are all about what spirit needs to convey. It’s not about me. It’s not about you. It’s about spirit. When I open up and allow spirit to blend, it is an integration of my spirit and the spirit that wants to come through for the client. 

Yes, spirit can have an opinion or guidance on what’s happening with you. Does it make it the right thing for you? Maybe, but maybe not. Maybe you need more time to process before taking their advice. There have been plenty of times I took the low road because of fear or exhaustion. Doesn’t mean that I don’t eventually find my way to where I need to be. 

We have free will people. That means listen to your inner voice. You have an intuition, use it. Be brave enough to listen to your intuition. If you need confirmation then reach out to your peeps. Physical and spiritual peeps.

 First and foremost Breathe. When things are crazy in your life and shits hitting the fan, get quiet. How can you make good decisions when you have a thousand things flying all around you? Find a quiet spot. I have been known to find a shady spot in a parking lot and shut the world out for a moment. It’s ok to do that. I tune in to what is most important to me and what’s the lesson in this mess? I may then follow up with pulling a card from an angel deck. I do what works for me. 

I want you to come to me for the connection to spirit if you cant get there on your own. I am here for you. Mostly I want you to know that I serve spirit and that I am here for them. God, the universe, the angels and our peeps. We come together to help there be a healing. Know that I work in integrity and I take very serious what I do. Its fun but it’s not a game. If you would like to book a session here is my site you can connect with me by appointment. http://mediumshipbypicasso.com