Today is the beginning of the Nine Your Fine Challenge for myself and another blogger friend. I was looking for a distraction because I can’t write about whats really happening to me in Panama at the moment. So here is my distraction, I asked for different topics to write about from “friends” (only 4 of them actually responded, good thing I didn’t write a suicide note) and put them in a hat.

Every morning for the last nine days of August I will pull a topic out of the hat (there really is a hat) and share the topic with my blogger friend at and we will write it out. Today’s topic is create your own animal species real or imagination.

If I could choose to create a species of animal it would be the one from my dream the other night. It was crazy, I was in a field with two scientist dudes looking for something. I don’t remember what we were looking for. Then out of the sky came a white-winged horse. It was huge and the kind of white that is so brilliant it glows in the dark.

Its wings, when open, stretched out at least 10 feet on each side and as it came to a graceful stop the feathers ruffled like they were trying to find the perfect place to settle in. The horse was glowing and the while the wings were no longer visible, the feathers were still there shimmering like some sort of crystal.

He stood there so gallantly and exuded so much power. He turned and looked at us and then spread his wings and flew away. It was beyond beautiful. So if I could create a species of animal it would be the horse from my dream.

My horse would be white like the dream and have a special place for me that acted like a magnate so I could snuggle in under her wing so I could hear the beating of her heart. Just to remind me she is real and I am protected.