You know when something is coming and you sort of brace yourself by scrunching up your shoulders and squinting your eyes? I’ve been doing that for days now. It’s here, Mercury is in retrograde again. It’s a particularly strong one for me this time. Not sure why but things seem to be going nutty all around me. Ugh, so I am just trying to breathe my way through and do things that are less important.

I have been so lucky to have had some great guests at Ginger House here in the jungles of Panama this month. They have been great story tellers and travelers of the world. I am so appreciative when I get people like this. It makes these rough times a bit easier to handle. With these past guests being here, its like I’ve known them for years and we are just catching up after a long time apart.

I have to kind of laugh. They have no idea¬† how many things were going wrong right before they got here. All due to Mercury Retrograde doin its thing. The other day I was expecting guests and the power surged and it shut down the electrical brain of my dryer. My land line phone went dead and so did the internet. Then I couldn’t get signal on the pathetic excuse for a cell phone that I have . I can’t complain too much it was 30 dollars and it’s still sort of working after 5 years.

My guests were at the gate trying to call me because I hadn’t called the guard gate to let them in. In reality I had been trying to call them I just couldn’t get through. Craziness ! So I drove down to the gate as fast as I could. All the while hoping in the back of my mind that my dryer would come back to life and get the linens for their room dried in time…ugh! It is maddening when this stuff goes on one by one, but all at once is like a bad sitcom playing itself out.

I know why it happens, but it doesn’t always help me in the patience department. For those that don’t understand Mercury retrograde, here is a link so that you can kind of get the gist of what it is and what happens when we are in it . I can try to explain it but its confusing to me too.

All I know its wacky time and I try to keep myself calm and not take things to seriously. Like when I find myself repeating in traffic…”Dude, what the “F” are you doing?” to everyone around me. Anyway hang on to your shorts because its gonna be a bumpy ride. The toughest part is about to come up in the last week of February. I may go into the cave for a bit…lets see what happens.