As I walked along side you this morning, breathing you in, I felt the love still there from so many years ago. I felt the coolness of your touch and salty aroma from your body. Your strength encourages me to do more. To be more. You have saved me many times throughout my life and I am grateful to be so connected to you.

You held me close as I crossed over to that next place and you kept holding me as I found my way back. A truer friend I doubt I will ever find. Your boundaries are clear, most times, and without ever a word spoken. I feel your warmth surround me in more southern climates. That embrace is comfort to me. You mold your body to mine just like slipping on a pair of old blue jeans.

With all of the fire that I bring to life, you balance me. Hushing me when I am screaming at the world from the inside out. The calming presence of you reminds me whats important and whats not. We work well together you and I, as I believe we will for the rest of eternity.

We even honored each other one moonlit night,  in a ceremony with only the two of us present. I gave you a band of gold and you gave me a promise. You have my utmost trust in your power and your love for me. In return I will always be safe in your presence and we will never turn our backs on each other. You are the Ocean, the Sea, the Rivers and the Lakes of this place together we call earth. Let us always give back and teach others to do the same.

As the sun shines down on me this morning it is a moment that I say to you” hello old friend”, I’m sorry I was gone for so long and I am so happy to be near you again. I cherish every breath I take when I am next to you. May you always hear my call when I need you and never forget our moments together. They will be forever imprinted on this universe.