For now I will call her L. She lived and breathed and ached and screamed and laughed til she cried, until the guy on the bike ran into her back end and came down hard the street. What the fuck was that! She jumped out of the car and saw this clumsy half blind old dude on the ground. He hit her,but it would be her life that changed from here. Driving the car of her dead father( it was left to her oldest brother but he was in prison) she had no license and no right by law to drive this car.It was a piece of shit Pinto, who cared, really?

All she was trying to do was to visit the actor/bartender that she was sleeping with at the time. He wasn’t home and as she was leaving his driveway when the whole mess happened. The police told her they didn’t want to know how that car got there and how it was going to get moved. She followed the ambulance to the hospital to make sure the guy on the bike was Ok. She was in trouble. He was going to sue her and she didn’t have any money. How do you sue a 17 year old anyway? She was scared and every time she turned around there was another loss or bump in the road that beat her up.

L picked up the phone and called her step sister who lived in Hawaii. They were sort of close when they were younger but now she wasn’t sure. How the fuck was she gonna get out of this mess of a life she had. Her step sister B said come and visit but you only have 30 days. She lived in base housing and they weren’t allowed to have a guest more than 30 days. With the little money that her dad left to her and her two brothers she bought a ticket and put all of her belongings in 2 suitcase trunks (k mart specials also used as coffee tables later).

The feeling of freedom and the sweet smell of plumeria hit her when stepped off the plane. She was reminded straight away that there was a time limit and she had 30 days. The feeling in the house was heavy and oppressive. So L spent most of her time outside. She lay on the grass in the back yard wondering how is it that the clouds can move so fast. It was an island and everything moved slow but the clouds. There were rules in this house. First nobody can be in the room with “Him” while “He” was eating. You had to promise to shoot and kill an intruder if there was one. It was a freakin army base. This guy was mean and crazy and as it turned out he was an abuser.

So she would have little help here. She had to figure out how to get to the city to put job applications in and that meant being a very white girl on a very dark bus. Haole girl sat amongst some of the biggest Samoan dudes she had ever seen. Nobody would tell her she had to have exact change to take the bus,and that’s how it went in the beginning. Being the strong girl she was she got a job, a car and a place to live in 28 days. B wanted to help her more but she was left home all day with no transportation and little money. It was a sad situation.

The car was a 1974 Chevy Nova, red with white interior and all of the roaches and sand your heart desired. It was an island and there were roaches everywhere. This was not something L was unfamiliar with. The job, door to door sales, go figure. Sometimes ignorance can be your friend. A job is a job and why not try, there was nothing to lose. The manager was kind of sleazy but the top sales person was super nice and she was the one to train her. She learned how to sneak in and out of buildings and on and off the military bases. It really was a breeze but the selling took confidence.

Mo taught her so much about living in Hawaii. Never turn your back on the ocean. Always take your shoes off before entering a home, you don’t want bring the worries of the world in with you. She spoke of theĀ  peace the island can bring you or the wrath it can hand you when its time to go. Mo had always said that you will know if you are going be ok when you first get off the plane and everything falls into place. It did til it was time to go.

As I write this today I have great memories of Mo and with several of my friends looking to retire to Hawaii it made me wonder what ever happened to her. As it turns out we went the same direction. I am a Reiki master teacher of Usui Ryoho Reiki and so is she. She is an empath and intuitive and so am I. I’m going to toss it out there to the universe in hopes that we can catch up and I can say thank you for being such a wonderful teacher of life. She was able to shine a light for me to see a little better what the possibilities were for such a young girl.