I feel you handle me

And I’m not sure I like it

There is nothing I can do

So I’ll try not to fight it

Handle me in warmth and caring

I’ll love you more if you stop staring

At me

With that look

Like you don’t know who I am

Its me you fool, I’m still inside

Look closer, deeper, see my pride

It’s the thing in me that wants to keep fighting

It gets harder each day

To remind you, I don’t know

I don’t know

I don’t know

Why am I biting

At you

With my words

Cutting you when I know that it hurts

It’s not my intent to be so mean

Be patient, it will pass without a big scene

Placate me, hold me but don’t stand and stare

Don’t walk away and say it’s not fair

It’s still me under this veil

An Alzheimer’s shell

I’ll find my way out

But not on this side

So search me out,  at the end of the ride

Until then…

Handle me gently

With love and with care

To lose you sooner I could not bear