The house is very empty without Sailor’s energy here. Its just me and Panama Jack now. I was sipping on my coffee this morning and pulling another sailor hair out of my coffee cup (could have been Jacks) and was thinking about all of the hair the three of us created together. I used to stress about it being everywhere because I run a guest house but not anymore. I just do the best can and embrace the fluff that is shared with me.


Hair in my coffee

Hair in my tea

Hair on the couch

Now all over me

Its shedding your coat

That helps you feel free

Sharing your coat

Is evidence you keep giving to me

Sailor and Jack my furry friends

Now “Just Jack” to the very end

If you step in my house it will be everywhere

Strands of fluff floating in the air

Like it or not its how it will be

Until its my day to be set free