This blog post is what some would say a milestone for me because its my 100th post. Some days I start out thinking I will write about this or that or some sort of mindless babble. Other days its very clear what needs to be said. Whether or not anyone is listening doesn’t matter because at least I am following my heart as I am releasing the words that come to me. What more can you ask of me, but to follow my heart.

This morning I was picturing the pink sand beaches of Anegada in the B.V.I and was going to take a stroll there with  my words, then I got side tracked. For about a week now a persons face kept coming into my head. I am merely acquaintance friends with this person. She doesn’t know me well and I don’t know her well, aside from her posts on face book.

I couldn’t figure out why I kept picturing her face, until this morning. There is a sort of chattering that goes on when someone is trying to get my attention from the other side. I am not a psychic nor do I want to be. I am a channel and have been open to Spirits messages for a while now.

The chattering that I hear is inaudible at times and when I don’t understand right away, Spirit will keep it up by giving me a visual. It’s a round about way for me to get the message but eventually I get there. I’m sure that Spirit would put me in the “special” kids class if they could. I know they are probably giving me the old Spirit eye roll.

So today I turned my attention to Spirit and asked “whats up?” As it turned out there was a message for this person and I needed to pass it on. The thing is when I do this, I never know quite how someone is going to take it. I am a very forward person to begin with but when I start talking to you about your dead relatives, it could get weird fast.

I brace myself, but internally, I know what I am doing is the right thing to do. Where do you go from “Hey your dead father doesn’t want you to continue to wallow anymore” and “He is trying to get you to listen”? I pass the message and leave the door open for both parties. Again, it’s the right the to do.

It’s all good. It’s all coming from a good place and I think most people know that. I can hope anyway. So it’s a strange 100th post but I’m just going with it. With that in mind I will save the rest of the day putting my spiritual toes in the pink sand on the beaches of Anegada.

Knowing that one day I will sail into that harbor again, breathe that salt air and drink the cool drinks from the honor bar, all while I am watching the sun set over the horizon and waiting for the green flash.