As I sit in front of the key board I’m not sure how to get out of me what I have to say. Saying good-bye is never easy to begin with, but today was particularly hard. My girl Sailor was the most beautiful Maine Coon cat that you ever saw.

People who have met her say she looked like a lion, and she did. She was fierce like a lion too. Today I had to help her make her transition into that next place. It was not an easy thing to do at all. For three months she had been dealing with an ulcerated cornea and a wound that would not heal, then the tumor came.

She was diagnosed with Fibro-Sarcoma. It grew very fast and created a very uncomfortable existence for her. If it were me I would want someone to do what I did today. I realize that not everyone believes in more than one life, or other realms of existence, but I do. I know she will be around me in spirit,  but for now it hurts to not have her in the same room as me.

She was more tuned into me than any human I have had relationships with. She never left me as a friend because she got a boyfriend or husband and no longer had time for me. She never judged me because I said the wrong thing in the wrong way. She never questioned where we would live and why. She was ready to go where ever and when ever it was time to move. I always checked in with her to see if she was Ok and she was. She loved me unconditionally and I will never forget her for that.

She was named Sailor because  that’s what we were together on my Union 36 sail boat. She loved being on the boat. I used to take her on dingy rides to neighboring boats. She and I rode out hurricanes together and sat through earthquakes. Sailor never even blinked an eye at what was handed to her in this crazy life. To look at her she gave the appearance of royalty and power. She was more diva than she would admit to I’m sure.

She and I were so much alike when it came to people. She didn’t want to be messed with by idiots. Don’t touch unless your invited and don’t even think that you know what I’m thinking because you will never be right.

My favorite Sailor story dates back to our first year together on my boat. I was anchored off of Lor-e-leis at mile marker 82 on the bay side in the Florida Keys. It was a beautiful Keys morning as the sun was coming up. The water was crystal clear and moving at a pretty good clip as currents around there do. It’s never just sitting still.

I was reading in the cock pit and I realized it was too quiet. I thought, its been to long since Id seen that tail pass by me, where is that baby girl of mine? So I went down below deck to see what she was up to and she wasn’t there. I turned everything upside down just in case she got wedged in somewhere. I couldn’t find her.

I came back up on deck thinking maybe she is up under the life raft so I went forward on deck to see where she went. She was nowhere to be seen and my heart is now pounding out of my chest. She was still a kitten so I didn’t expect her to come running when I called but by this time I was freaking out.

As I am walking back toward the cockpit I heard and saw her at the same time. I looked beyond the cockpit and there she was in the water looking like a drowned rat sitting on top of a life ring that I had tied off the stern of the boat. I learned to do this from my friend Terry who did the same thing for her cat Gypsy. I never in a million years thought it would really work, but hells bells, there she was sitting on that floating ring.

I had no idea where she went overboard or how she went over, but God I was so happy she was there and when I stopped laughing I went and fished her out. I never saw a cat cling so hard to me before in my life. Sailor loved the water but not in that way. I will hold that memory of her from when she was young  just as much as the memory of how brave she was this morning as her life slipped away and the last breath went from her body.

She is a part of me and I am a part of her always. I love you my Sailor girl and I hope you don’t take too much time before I feel you around me in spirit.