Sometimes you get the day and sometimes the day gets you. Last week the whole week got me. There was way too much emotion floating around for me to handle. Today is another day and other chance to push forward in life. The weather is what went sideways today. I went out to shift a load of laundry and the weather went completely sideways and I got drenched in the process. Its really just another day on the mountain during rainy season.

It was beautiful earlier when I went for my morning sweat out the fat walk (so hoping my fat listens to me when I say get off of my ass!) Now it is cold and wet out and the hummingbirds are going crazy at the feeders. All I really want to do is curl up with a good book (that may happen later) but I have to make the journey down the mountain to pay a few bills. I am happy to say I have the funds for that today and even some groceries for me this time.

Things have been slow due to the rainy season and the economy. Most of my guests are from out of this country. I am hoping not to be here in Panama when the high season begins. I am excited to do something else for a while. Until the house sells I will simply do the best I can with what I have. That’s all I can do. As for today I will just try to stay dry.