Time and time again, I see people trying to to leave the life they know and have grown comfortable with. Though they are feeling the need for change in their lives they lack the courage to do anything about it. Its almost sad what I see that weighs them down. Pieces of furniture and ceramic pots from foreign lands. Collectibles and and framed art that holds them in place, for what? In truth its not the furnishings that are holding them back . Its the fear of losing something that will never be again.

What I say to this is, the thing you hold on to that you think is going to give you the warm fuzzies is fake. Its your memory, that stores all of those lovely moments in your life. Can you not dive in to your memory and pull something out that makes you feel good, or does it take a 100 pound ceramic pot to get you there. Wake up. When you are 70 years old (which isn’t that far away) what are you going to do with all of your things. You wont have the strength to move again and nobody you know will want the crap you’ve been hanging on to.

There is no value in the pot, the value is in the memory you hold in your mind and in your heart. Please, for those of you who are waiting for a time  that is just right to move forward and experience a different part of the world, don’t wait, because the world is changing . See as much and experience as much as you can now because in the blink of an eye it will change. It will be something different and where were you while the change was happening? You were in your home with all of your things.

There you were,  hanging on for dear life in case something happened to your dust collecting junk. Let me remind you , you can’t take this stuff with you when you die. You will die, everyone does. Wake up and smell the flowers on the other side  of the world or the other side of your own country for that matter. Your are missing so much by sitting on your collectibles. Move your ass and your heart will grow stronger.

Your spirit will soar with all of the  different experiences that you will have. Or stay on your ass and wither away with your fancy wooden relics …your choice. Leave me out of that picture though if you please. I cant take it any more watching you almost get there only to be pulled back by the fear of losing your piles of things. Quit asking me how to get there from here if you have no intention of going.

If you change your mind and find the courage to let go, then I will see you on the way. My heart will be open to helping you on your journey. Until then keep your fears to yourself and stay off this road to adventure. You might just get run over by someone like me.