This morning was slow moving as I turned the coffee on and thinking to my self, wasn’t this the day I was gonna switch to green tea for a while. Yep, it was, but ooooh that coffee smelled so good. I will do the switch another day. I found myself curled up on the couch diving back into the Nicky Charles books(free on my kindle). She has a series about Lycan’s and shape shifting. I love that sort of thing. We are all energy anyway and if we weren’t so bound by all the material things maybe the shape shifting would work for us.

Hmmm… what would I be if I could shift? Maybe a puma in my setting(Panama Central America, jungle not city) would be about right. It would take care of the existence of the little booger Gato Solo (like a raccoon but bigger) that has been snuffling up grubs in my yard and making a mess. Yes, I would definitely shift into the Puma so I could chase off the Gato Solo. Then, when the monkeys came I would shift back to being me so they wouldn’t be afraid.

Of course when would be robbers come around I would shift into some scarey looking gigantic wild boar and ram a horn up the ass of the intruder. That’s right I could get rid of the robber with out killing him and he would never return again for fear of the wrath of the  great horned beastie at the end of the road. I am so laughing at this while writing. I love the idea of being able to read a book that takes you to the realm of what the Native Americans believe, from centuries back. Being of Cherokee Indian and Irish decent, I feel like I could easily plug into that way of life. Now that I have been doing energy work, it all makes perfect sense in rituals of shape shifting.

Knowing that we are all energy and on a molecular level can move our energy to take on the form of another shape is so cool. Although, I can see how the ego mind can prevent that from happening. Its hard to let go of all the crap that’s been drilled in to our heads as young people. Ive heard it all before,”you can’t do this or you’re to short or to fat or you don’t have enough money” blah blah blah. I think that’s why I  like reading those stories, because it reminds me of how bound we all are by ourselves as well as the stuff around us. We create our own barriers of the body mind and don’t tap into the ethereal energy of our spirit.

Although, our lovely artists of the world are probably capable of shifting. Thank God for the artists of the world. They make everything interesting. That kind of reading I appreciate because it leaves me thinking how easy it is to get tied up in the blah stuff of our every day existence. I use my imagination more when reading and try to find the humor in what the possibilities could be.

Yep, I would be a puma at first then I would go to the water and make myself a dolphin that is crafty enough to bypass all of the fishing nets and ships out there. It  reminds me of “The Incredible Mr Limpet” the old Don Knots movie from way back. He was so enamoured by the under water world that he turned himself into a fish and became a hero for the navy. What a great old movie that was. Well… for today I will keep my two legged short  body and be the one to chase off  the grub eating  Gato Solo. For now anyway. Maybe I will sneak back to my favorite reading spot and disappear into the world of the Lycan once again.

By the way I found the Nicky Charles books from the free books on my kindle she has written. She doesn’t charge for her books but she does ask instead of paying her maybe make a donation to your local animal shelter or food bank.

The Keeping

The Mating

The Finding

The Bonded

The Betrayed, Days of the Rogue