Yesterday morning I received word through a friend that there were massive fires moving through the state of Washington. Small towns were being evacuated and I felt fear in my friend words. I don’t watch the news, so she sent me a link to the news video. After watching I put a message on face book to all of the Reiki Masters and practitioners, along with any other energy workers, to send some healing energy to this area of the United States.

I promised my friend that I would channel and see what Spirit had to offer on the subject. Before I picked up my pendulum what I heard was re-birth and collective. I took some deep breaths and asked for guidance on this situation and this is what I got.


This is the time of releasing energy.

Connecting those with this release is what is most astute right now.

Opening the way for new light, for new love, for connectedness among many.

This moment breathes fire, for this is the year of transformation, of change, of moving forward in your belief system.

Whatever that is for you, let this moment remind you of all that is healing.

Let it be a moment of recollection.

To remember where you came from.

The fire is rebirth and it is time to honor this moment.

Every soul that is connected here is feeling this shift, this movement forward.

There is no looking back.

This is the letting go, embrace what it is now.

It is will power to live in the moment.

Prayers will hold the loving vibration that is needed for all.

It is love.

It is light.

It is Gaia’s message to you.

As I finished the channeling the sky grew dark very fast and the wind started to whirl the trees in a cyclonic way. It was like something out of a movie, but this was very real. It had been quiet up to this point this morning. No rain, no wind,  just peace.

The wind blew with such fierce gusts that my angel cards scattered. I had to laugh it was awesome energy and I barely had enough time to get the computer shut down before the power went off. It was an awe-inspiring moment I will never forget.

Although I was not thrilled with the electricity going out, I was happy for the energy that Gaia brought in that moment. Truly beautiful and an honor to be a part of.