Is it as simple as that? As simple as opening your eyes? Is the soul you most need to connect with right there, in front of you? Just a thought for this morning. What if your whole life you are searching for the one who is right in front of you?

In Front Of You

I see your ocean

Do you see mine

Are we sharing the same view

Me and you

Do we feel the same warmth

Of the sun on our face

The same salt air

Embracing our space

I see your sun

Do you see my moon

Will you show yourself to me soon

I see your stars

Do you see mine

Will you be looking for me this time

I feel your breeze, in open seas

Do you feel my heart

Nearly fall apart

We breathe the same air

You and I

Don’t wait this time til I die

You’ll find we are near

I see you so clear

Lets open our eyes

Under the same blue sky’s

I’ll be the one in front of you

Open your heart now

You’ll see me too