What is it that holds you in place

Is it your partner with that smirk on his face

Right now I’m sad for you, you know its true

I can not watch him smother you

Is it him that keeps you strong

As he whispers in your ear, you don’t belong

When are you going to find the time

The time to draw the line

Its his voice in your head that says, don’t stir the pot

He doesn’t care if you like it or not

When are you going to find the time

To take care of you and find your spine

When are you going to say enough! I wont take it anymore

This is my life and that is yours

Say out loud

Out loud and proud

Please find your strength, find your courage

If you keep him around he’ll only discourage

Change the locks, change the keys

Change your heart if you please

Let him go, show him out

This is your chance to shine, I have no doubt

The answer should be side by side

There is no room for his arrogant pride

So here it is, now its time

To look around and find your spine