Today I have food on the brain, so that’s what I will write about. I went to my recipe book, which is just a pile of scrap papers and magazine tear out recipes that are all beaten and stuck between whats left of a recipe book. Its sad to look at but sort of reminds me of moms recipe pile…I mean book. I filed through the messy stained papers to get to probably the most stained page I have found, so far. Its Esther’s Chocolate Mousse recipe.

Now I have never met Esther but am grateful for what she created. I actually got this recipe from another chef on a boat in my first year of sailing. We were a crew of six sailing across the Atlantic on a Swan 53 called Secret Love. I knew I would be looking for work once we arrived in France. I had spent too much money pub crawling with crew mates in the ports that we stopped at along the way.

It was my first year sailing and I was really unprepared to be cooking on boats. I didn’t want to be a cook on boats. I wanted to be on deck working the sails and feeling the salt water and sea air. Then I found out how much difference  the wage was from a deckie to a chef. I asked Susan, the captain’s girlfriend and chef of the Secret Love, if she could help me with a few recipes. This was one of  many she shared with me. She was very kind to take the time. So thanks Susan I have used this recipe a gazillion times over everyone has always loved it.

Esthers Chocolate Mousse

1 1/2 lbs dark chocolate (semi sweet is what I use most because its easier to find and cheaper)

9   Eggs

4-6 oz of alcohol (cognac works best)

3 cups 3 oz of heavy cream

8 oz sugar

Melt the chocolate over a hot water bath. Remove and carefully add the eggs and alcohol ( I beat all of the eggs together first with the alcohol) You want to temper it in so the eggs don’t scramble due to the heat of the chocolate. Its gonna look like its not gonna work but keep mixing it will be ok. Then set this bowl aside. Whip the cream and the sugar together until you get stiff peaks ( sort like a spa massage gone way wrong…can you say pup tent!) Then fold in the whipped cream to the chocolate mixture. Make sure you fold so you don’t cut down the nice fluff you just created. Once its all incorporated you can put it into individual servings and chill or in a spring for pan and chill. I like to use a graham crust in a 9″ spring form pan.

Graham Crust

1 1/2 packs of graham crackers ground

1 stick butter  melted (real butter not that fake stuff)

1/4 cup sugar

Melt the butter and add to the graham crackers and the sugar. Mix and spread out over the bottom of your spring form pan so its even.  Bake for 12-15 minutes at 350. One note, you may want to put some foil around the bottom of the spring form in case any butter escapes and makes a smoking mess of your kitchen….just sayin. Cool the pan and add the mousse. Chill til its firm to the touch and serve.