Hey Daddy Merkle,  I’m sending my love to you today. You reached out this morning and I am so grateful. In these pages that I post it will eventually be clear that I have had many dads in my life. Fathers by name and by blood and by my moms marriages. There have been four dads all toll. I can now appreciate who they were to me and why we crossed paths. I am able to let you all go from my baggage that Ive been carrying around for the last 40 some odd years. Today the father energy that I have comes from my friend Clare’s dad. He so openly gives me what I need from a father at this my time in life. We can speak spiritually with out fear of  the other thinking,” man you’ve gone bat shit crazy”. If ever I get married while you are still kicken I would ask you to be the one to give me away.

We first met while he was unconscious and recovering in a hospital bed in Hendersonville North Carolina. My friend Clare called me and asked me if I could send Reiki to her dad because he was having knee replacement surgery. I was living in Asheville at the time so I said I would just go there and do it person if he wouldn’t mind. So I went to the hospital and he was still out cold but I stayed and gave Reiki. While that was happening his son John walked in and I introduced myself. We ended up having great conversations and I left til the next day.

It was the start of a great relationship. He received what he needed and I felt good about being able to help by being the channel for healing energy. Now that he knows how to skype this is how we stay in touch in the physical world, but I also know that he is always there on a spiritual level. Kind of like the other dads. Most of whom have passed away.

If there are any Reiki masters or practioners please send him a little extra energy. He is having trouble with his right shoulder. Today we spoke about allowing others to give to us and not being so hard headed as to not receive. Its been a huge lesson that rears its head from time to time. I don’t always learn the first time around. But hey, I’m doing my best. To my Cowboy dad Leonard I still feel you around. Leonard Barnes is my biological father and he passed when I was 16 years old. We only met a few times but I feel him around me all of the time.

You know how they say that your loved ones are there to greet you when you die, well, he is one that will be there for my mom. What a soulful connection they had and iI feel him hovering all of the time. I sometimes feel our loved ones can help us even more from the other side so that ego doesn’t get in the way. Not saying anyone should be going anywhere too soon though. Anyway I sent you Reiki this morning daddy Merkle and will send more later today. I hope you feel the loving energy that comes from my heart. Peace Out.