I’ve had this rolling around in my head for a few weeks. My dad and I didn’t get to know each other the way we had hoped. We only met a few times but I got to know about him from his sister and from my mom long after he passed away. I think we would have been so close. I feel him around all of the time so I know he will appreciate the acknowledgement. I love you dad no matter where you are.

Daddy was a cowboy

A little gypsy and lots of joy

He knew how to travel through life

On horseback, under the stars carrying an old buck knife

He moved the cattle from range to range

It was the cowboy way and nothing would change

Til he served his country military style

The cowboy never changed through out those miles

Humping gear and eating dust

He picked up a fever and that was a bust

It was Scarlett they said, that ruined his heart

It wasn’t a woman who tore him apart

It caused his heart damage and made him seem weak

He returned to the ranch, no place for the meek

He never stopped riding or moving around

Until he found “home” in a small northern town

He met his soul mate when he met my mother

Who knew then he would become my father

His life was short, his heart gave out

He left too soon, giving me doubt

Did he love me or want to know me

His daughter the cowgirl wanna-be

Even though we hadn’t much time

I feel his soul around me, always on my mind

I feel him around me, he stays to my right

Protecting me always in the dark of the night

Whispering to me, cowgirl up, don’t you fear

I’ll always be your dad, loving you dear