As I was driving down the mountain today a heavy sigh and fond memories meandered through my mind. I saw in the distance,  a Copa Airline jet taking off into the clouds over Panama. Every time I see a Copa plane I smile because they are my favorite airline to fly with. So I thought, what a great time to add them to my “Best Ever’s”.

I am getting ready (hopefully sooner than later) to book a flight back to the states with them. There are a handful of airlines that fly Panama to Miami but there is something about Copa Airlines  that has made me stay true to them the last few times I have flown.

I have been coming to Panama for about six or seven years now. The first few times my experience wasn’t anything to write home about. Then just a few years back everything changed. It was as if someone flipped a switch inside their customer service training. The Captains were more friendly and the attendants ( all of them) were actually kind in their service and demeanor. It was awesome.

Since that time, I have looked forward to stepping on board. There are cheaper ways to fly. Such as Spirit Airlines in the middle of the night. I have done that plenty of times. I have flown American Airlines and was treated rudely and they were always late. This isn’t some kind of weird blogger post, commercial sucking up to an airline, just to be sucking up.

Before I saw the plane this morning I saw a Copa  Airlines pilot leaving the mountain in front of me. He is one of a handful of Copa Pilots that have moved into the area. We were both dropping garbage about the same time. Then I saw the plane as I was driving down the mountain and I thought if there is ever something I appreciate its customer service.

I have worked a million holidays, worked for rude people and have had to just suck it up, because that is what you do in customer service. Not constantly but not everyone travels with ease. So their state of discomfort can ooze out on to other people.

I love to travel and I love to fly. Its makes all that much better when I know I can look forward to being taken care of and treated well. So a message out there to the Copa Airlines attendants and pilots, your hard work hasn’t gone unnoticed with me. I appreciate it and I will see you soon.